Four Stages of Debt Collection in Australia

Are you trying to recover debt that is owed to you? In the preliminary stages of recovering debt owed, it is important to understand the different stages of debt collection, and where best to turn to for assistance. It’s always best to engage a debt recovery lawyer (and to do it early!), rather than a […]

How To Manage A Customer Refusing To Pay For Work Done In Australia?

If you have been in business for a long time, you would agree that sometimes you will encounter customers who either can’t or won’t pay their invoices. This can cause many disruptive flow-on issues for your business in terms of cash flow, time and resources.  Instead of the money being in your cash flow it […]

What is a letter of demand?

A Woods and Day Letter of Demand is a personalised document, drafted by our solicitors which we send to our client’s debtor to formally demand payment of an outstanding debt owed. What are the benefits of sending a letter of demand? Our Letter of Demand for outstanding payment is a useful first port of call […]