Education and Student Visas

Looking at studying in Australia? Our team can assist you in finding the right course and building an application to put you on a pathway to permanent residency.

Our team specialises in Student visas for professional and trade courses and when the time comes, we can provide advice on your pathway to permanent residency through various skilled work visa streams.In addition to preparing your visa application, we invite you to make use of our extensive education agent contacts to find the best course for your needs, ranging from the most cost-effective English course, to completing your tertiary studies at one of Australia’s world renowned universities.

Our pricing for Education and Student Visas is fiercely competitive and importantly, if you get into trouble while studying, you will have Woods & Day with all the information necessary to speak on your behalf or assist with your appeal.

Call us today on +61 2 9299 6111 or contact us online to arrange your obligation free consultation.